Registered With U.S. Government & Internationally Recognized Detective Agency

Shadow Agent Inc., based in New York City, is renowned for offering completely discrete and confidential private investigation and corporate investigation services across the United States and for international inquiries, all at reasonable rates. Shadow Agent Inc. (aka The Clue Hunters) is one of the most esteemed detective agencies in New York City. Our private detectives in New York have years of experience and come from a variety of backgrounds, including surveillance, debugging, establishing contacts, location monitoring, and using the most advanced spy technology.
We are America's leading private detective agency based in New York City. We have a team of over 70+ highly professional investigators who are operating worldwide, delivering the best results to our clients for both personal investigations (such as pre/post-marital investigations, cheating spouse investigations, and loyalty tests, etc.) and corporate investigations (like employee background checks, debugging, asset verification, and insurance claim investigations, etc.).
Shadow Agent Inc. is distinguished by its:


  • Reasonably Priced Private Investigation Services: We offer high-quality services that don't compromise your budget.
  • Round-The-Clock Availability: We operate 24/7, always ready to assist with your investigative needs.
  • Diverse Team of Operatives: We proudly employ both male and female investigators to cater to a wide range of client requirements.
  • Complete Confidentiality and Discretion: We maintain the highest standards of privacy, ensuring your information is always secure.
  • Use of Advanced Surveillance Technology: We leverage the latest in investigative technology to offer comprehensive solutions.
  • Long-Standing History: With over 22 years in the industry, we've been assisting people in uncovering the truth, backed by our proven track record.
  • High Success Closure Rate: Our diligent work results in a high success rate, with detailed reports providing clear and conclusive outcomes for our clients.


Shadow Agent Inc. is here to assist and serve you, so don't hesitate to discuss your budget with us. Otherwise, you risk facing investigation bills that may exceed your expectations.


At Shadow Agent Inc., we treat every case as unique, which means each requires a distinct approach and the pricing may vary depending on the time and effort invested during the investigation. We strive to bring the truth and necessary facts to light within your budget. Rest assured, we are with you at every step until your case is resolved.


Are you seeking a detective agency in New York City to conduct a background check on a potential partner? Or perhaps you have suspicions about your partner's behavior and need a loyalty check? Shadow Agent Inc. is here to provide you with highly professional investigation services, maintaining 100% secrecy and discretion, both domestically and internationally.


New York City, America's iconic metropolis, is renowned for its vibrant culture and pivotal role as a commercial hub. If you're in need of proficient and skillful private investigation services in New York City, your search should end with Shadow Agent Inc. Let's delve into what Shadow Agent Inc. is all about and why its services should be your first choice.



We, at Shadow Agent Inc., are a private investigation agency specializing in personal and corporate investigations of all types. Over more than two decades of experience, we've grown and faced numerous challenges in our field to stand firmly as a premier investigative agency.



☞ Backed by a Robust Team and Resources We boast a dedicated team comprised of both talented newcomers and seasoned veterans, many of whom have prior law enforcement experience.


☞ Cutting-Edge Technology At Shadow Agent Inc., we believe that technology, when used correctly, can accomplish extraordinary feats. In keeping with the evolving times, we employ modern and up-to-date technology for all our investigative procedures. Our investigation strategies are supported by current, state-of-the-art gadgets to ensure our tasks are executed effectively and efficiently.


☞ Transparent and Reasonable Pricing At Shadow Agent Inc., we provide clear pricing to our clients during consultation before initiating our investigation process. Our rates are based on the time and resources required for a specific investigation.


☞ Our Pillars of Successful Performance


  • Perseverance
  • Integrity
  • Ingenuity


Some might prefer to disregard their suspicions, choosing ignorance over facing the truth. However, peace of mind from ignorance is temporary. One must confront the truth sooner or later, so why not now?


..The moment you have suspicion is the moment to act..

Our Services

Mystery Shopper

We provides an exceptional Mystery Shopper service, generating thorough, analytical reports of shopping experiences. These reports are not just evaluative, but also suggest potential improvements, paving the way for optimized business operations. Once completed, reports are promptly delivered via the client's chosen method. In essence, our commitment lies in driving client success through accurate and timely feedback.

Cheating Partner Surveillance

Shadow Agent Inc. is a prominent player in conducting thorough Infidelity & Cheating Spouse Investigations. Utilizing cutting-edge technology and investigative methods, our seasoned investigators gather irrefutable evidence, helping to resolve uncertainties and safeguard your interests. Recognizing the sensitive nature of such inquiries, we prioritize complete confidentiality in our operations. Even in the face of tough decisions, our committed team stands ready, persistently pursuing the truth for your peace of mind.

Divorce Case Investigation

We will be your trusted partner during the challenging process of divorce, specializing in comprehensive divorce case proof investigations. Our seasoned detectives conduct exhaustive investigations with the utmost confidentiality, using the latest technology and techniques. Their expertise helps to gather critical evidence, supporting your case in the best possible manner. Our goal is to ensure you have the necessary information, bringing peace of mind and facilitating informed decisions during this difficult time.

Cyber Crime Investigation

A professional and well done cyber investigation should be able to not only identify the source of the intrusion but should also be able to safeguard your system from future attacks. It should involve collection and examination of physical as well as digital evidences to uncover details like where and when and how the intrusion or crime occurred.

Missing Person Investigation

We provides expert missing persons investigations, combining specialized resources and experienced investigators to save families valuable time and stress. We uphold strict confidentiality while maintaining an objective perspective throughout the investigation. Our high success rate speaks volumes about our commitment and proficiency in locating missing individuals. Reach out to us today and let us bring you the answers you need.

Background Verification

We deliver comprehensive and accurate background checks, utilizing cutting-edge technology for informed decision-making. Our range of services, from employee checks to criminal record verification, ensures trustworthy and timely information. Our commitment to efficiency is reflected in our user-friendly online platform for easy access to results. Our expert team stands ready for continual support, focusing on client satisfaction and peace of mind in all we do.